Postpartum depression and anxiety

Major life events, such as the birth of a baby can be stressful and brings significant change for the mother, couple and family system.  Many new moms experience ‘baby blues’ or emotional ups and downs, including crying and mood swings.  These symptoms are related to the crazy hormone changes that occur following birth and usually begin about 3-5 days after delivery and can last for several weeks.  

Other new Mom’s suffer from Postpartum Depression (PPD), which is a disabling and serious condition.  PPD and can be devastating for new Mom’s as they wonder why they are experiencing such distress in a time that is meant to be so happy. Postpartum Depression includes symptoms of Anxiety, stress, overwhelm, thoughts that are scary, rumination, exhaustion, feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, despair, excessive worry and difficulty concentrating to name a few.

Adjustment to being a new parent and the shift in roles in your family can be overwhelming and also contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety.   PPD symptoms usually begin 6 weeks to 1 year following the birth of the baby and can last 6-8 weeks if appropriate help is received.  Studies show that the earlier a women engages in treatment, the quicker the symptoms will resolve.  

Postpartum depression and anxiety can occur after the birth of any child and women who have experienced PPD with one child are more at risk to experience these symptoms following the birth of subsequent children.

Although it may feel like things will never get better, they will.  I can help you.

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